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If you enjoy doing chair massage, have a professional attitude, a willingness to build your massage career and increase your income we would like you to join our team!

Massage Go is a company owned and operated by massage therapists. Our company has two major goals:
  • Provide professional on-site massage therapy services to the public while educating them on important health benefits of massage.
  • Help massage therapists increase their income, market their practices, generate new clients and have fun!

How can Massage Go help me with my career?

What we can offer you!
  • Enjoy great opportunities to market your practice to our professional clients.
  • Socialize and network with other therapists in your area.
  • Earn extra income through our gift certificate program.
  • Assignments that have pre-scheduled breaks, lunch and other perks!
  • Increased income opportunities for therapists with presentation abilities or other specialized skills.

* If you have experience in public speaking and have done wellness based presentations please contact: Brian at sales@massagego.biz or (585) 329-0887*

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