Research has shown that the business owner that invests in his employees gets a higher return in profit than those who don't. Wellness education has saved employers thousands in reduced sick time and workman's compensation costs.

"Therapeutic Massage: How it Helps and Why it Works"


A presentation that is both educational and fun for all general audiences. Learn how massage can help you feel better, including the latest research showing the many ways that massage can improve your overall health. Find out how massage can help manage the effects of stress, reduce pain and tension, and aid in the recovery of injuries.

At the conclusion of the presentation audience participants can experience for themselves the benefits of massage with a chair massage demonstration!

A unique way to educate and entertain your employees or customers on those special occasions like: sales meetings, health fairs, holidays, special events!!

Presentation Duration: 30 - 60 minutes

Chair massage demo: 30 minutes (or as specified)



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